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Bites (Producer)

In collaboration with the Belfast Children's Festival and NI Opera's Young Artist Programme, Spark Opera developed two, new, fifteen-minute chamber operas for children in a three-day workshop.
The operas – Monster in the Dark by Eduard Zatriqi and Michael Shannon, and Science (or how I learned to embrace the fact that, one day, I too am going to explode) by Omar Zatriqi and Jack Geary – were rehearsed intensely by Caitriona McLaughlin, whilst the composers received advice and feedback on how to improve their pieces by internationally acclaimed composer Judith Weir.


"I have hugely enjoyed working with Spark Opera. Belfast is going to be proud of this lively and ambitious young company, whose achievements are already remarkable." Judith Weir

"An opera about a scientist will always get a thumbs up in my book! And my son even enjoyed it shock horror!!" Audience member

"My little boy Daniel really enjoyed it and is still talking about it." Audience member, two weeks later

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