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Concerts (Director and Producer)

Spark Opera has delivered concerts for several companies and arts organisations – sometimes working with other companies (NI Opera's Pop Opera Bites, Culture Night Belfast), sometimes presenting opera extracts as part of a festival (Accidental Theatre’s Fifteen Minute Festival, Outburst Queer Arts Festival), sometimes working with student and community choruses (QUB Medieval Society and Music Dept.) and sometimes raising money for charity (Welcome Homeless Shelter).

"Then we had Sparks Opera. I’ve never been to an opera but I was engrossed by their fifteen minutes even though I didn’t understand a French or Italian word of it. The characters seemed real and the singing was (for the most part) pitch perfect. I wanted to standing ovate these guys but sat my ground rather than make a spectacle." Joel Kerr, Secret Belfast


"It was just wonderful, thank you so much!" Dr Sarah McCleave, QUB Music Lecturer

"Thank you so much Spark Opera, the money raised was a fantastic help to us in our time of need and the singing was absolutely beautiful. It really was a night to remember!" Sandra Moore, Welcome Homeless Shelter

"A very different and meaningful Christmas treat. Unmissable". Andrea Rea, Belfast Newsletter

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