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Requiem for the Disappeared (Director and Producer)

In collaboration with the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Spark Opera presented the world premiere of Conor Mitchell's "Requiem for the Disappeared". A special performance featuring the internationally renowned soprano Rebecca Caine and 26 piece orchestra, this work (a setting of the Latin Mass for the dead) was composer Mitchell's personal response to the disappeared of the Northern Irish Troubles.


“It was wonderful and the families were very moved. You made them all so welcome, thank you." Sandra Peake, WAVE Trauma Centre


“A chilling and effective requiem for a dark time... Caine’s voice was confident and flawless. In his music, Mitchell chose to emphasise the dark hues and layered depths arising from his selected liturgical texts. His concepts worked well in the acoustic of the cathedral. His instrumental imagination was chillingly effective. The uncompromising sadness which Mitchell engendered in his requiem reflected the enormity of the crime that brought about the Disappeared and perhaps pointed towards some resolution. Four stars.” Rathcol, Belfast Telegraph


"Top Three Classical Picks 2012." Philip Hammond, Belfast Telegraph


National Lottery Shortlist Arts Award, Northern Irish Arts Award Winner

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