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Bright Sparks (Director and Producer)

A Spark Opera production in association with Queen’s University Belfast and the Arts Council Northern Ireland, “Bright Sparks” was a collection of four, new, ten-minute chamber operas by students and professionals, including Conor Mitchell, Omar Zatriqi, Eduard Zatriqi, and Matthew Whiteside. It was also performed by students and professionals, notably soprano Rebecca Caine.


“Director Kate Guelke did a magnificent job in bringing these first-time librettists’ work to life, and coordinating the collaborations between them and their composers. Special mention must also be made of conductor Mark McGrath, who expertly led the talented young orchestra in playing the four scores. ‘Bright Sparks’ may have been an experiment, but it was a successful one... and I for one hope that Spark Opera continues to receive the support it needs to develop new work. It may be the only youth opera company in Northern Ireland, but, as ‘Bright Sparks’ proved, that is evidently not down to a lack of talent or interest in the art form. While I may not be an opera convert yet, I am certainly a convert to seeing what new and exciting work this young company comes up with next.” Dave Kinghan, Fortnight Magazine


"The work is fresh, the team is bright and exciting. Like sparks, in fact." Andrea Rea, Belfast Newsletter

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